Region V Principal of the Year: Kimberly Kindred


Richardson West Junior High Arts and Technology Magnet
Richardson ISD

As principal of Richardson West Junior High Arts and Technology Magnet, Principal Kindred said she has been dedicated to exploring new ways to celebrate student achievement, growth, and positive behavior. Each quarter, the school celebrates more than 300 students designated as the “Most Improved” and “Top Student” in their class, along with those on the A Honor Roll. These students are recognized in front of their peers, given treats, encouragement, support, and love, and gifted with an acknowledgment pin they can wear on their lanyards for all to see.

By committing to using PBIS in all classrooms, hallways, lunches, dismissal, and even staff meetings, staff at West have brought about a culture shift that has led to a more calm and managed environment. With established expectations for behavior, voice level, movement, and more, there are fewer misunderstandings between teachers and students about what they are expected to do and fewer discipline issues so everyone can focus on the most critical task at school: learning.

Principal Kindred’s commitment to academic excellence is truly commendable. According to the nominator, under Kindred’s guidance, the school has witnessed remarkable growth and achievement. Furthermore, Principal Kindred’s unwavering support for her staff is truly remarkable. She recognizes the invaluable contributions of each educator and fosters a collaborative and supportive work environment. Her ability to inspire and empower her team has resulted in heightened motivation, increased teacher retention, and ultimately, improved student outcomes.



Blog » Region V Principal of the Year: Kimberly Kindred

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