Region III Principal of the Year: Candice Jester


Kilpatrick Elementary School
Clayton County Public Schools

Principal Candice Jester has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to promoting language proficiency and cultural understanding through the implementation of a highly effective dual language immersion program at Kilpatrick Elementary School in Clayton County Public Schools.

According to District Magnet Lead Bridget Long, Jester’s vision for language education goes beyond the curriculum, encompassing a holistic approach that considers the diverse needs of students and families.

Principal Jester has successfully cultivated a school culture that celebrates diversity, embraces inclusivity, and encourages collaboration among students, parents, and educators. One parent with two children currently attending Kilpatrick Elementary School said, “she cares so much for her teachers, her students, and also the parents. Principal Jester tries to make sure that her teachers and parents are a team to help the students get all that they can out of school.”

She has also demonstrated a keen understanding of educational best practices and a commitment to continuous improvement. She has successfully implemented innovative teaching methods into her school to enhance language acquisition and overall academic achievement. Principal Jester brings dedication, expertise, and passion for education to the dual language immersion program at Kilpatrick Elementary.




Blog » Region III Principal of the Year: Candice Jester

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