Region II Principal of the Year: Amy Dockter-Rozar


West Career and Technical Academy
Clark County School District

Amy Dockter-Rozar is a shining example of leadership at West Career and Technical Academy (WCTA). She passionately advocates for equity and diversity, fostering an inclusive environment for students and staff within the magnet school.

In order to ensure academic success for all students, Principal Dockter-Rozar has taken steps to support underserved and underrepresented students. WCTA offers free summer enrichment opportunities and evening/weekend boot camps for test preparation. As a result of
this accessibility, there has been a significant increase in Advanced Placement (AP) and dual credit enrollment.

She has worked to remove barriers to students’ entry, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed in a rigorous academic magnet school environment.

Principal Dockter-Rozar’s approach of inspiring others towards higher performance and embodying MSA’s mission is achieved through various initiatives: mentoring programs, inclusive bus tours, attracting students from diverse backgrounds, continuous program improvement, recruitment of industry professionals and educators, and hosting education professionals from around the world.




Blog » Region II Principal of the Year: Amy Dockter-Rozar

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