Region IV Teacher of the Year: Elizabeth Luna


Athens Drive Center for Medical Sciences and Global Health Initiatives Magnet High School
Wake County Public School System

Sometimes it takes the keen insight of a loved one to recognize our true calling, even before we grasp it ourselves. For Elizabeth Luna, the path to becoming an exceptional educator was illuminated by the unwavering support and intuition of her mother. Reflecting on her journey, Luna recalled how her mother, with astute perception, identified her inclination toward teaching and nurturing others long before she herself acknowledged it.

An innovative, dynamic, and purpose-driven classroom that thrives on design thinking and problem-solving. Luna’s commitment to authenticity permeates every facet of her teaching practice – from her meticulously crafted projects to her interactions with students and collaboration with fellow educators.

In a landscape where the gap between curriculum and student engagement widens, Luna bridges this divide by cultivating experiences deeply rooted in real-world applications and community connections. Her students have affectionately dubbed her the most “real” teacher they’ve encountered and appreciate her candid approach and unwavering dedication to their growth and development. Luna’s administrators agree, with one writing, “she is the model for other educators in our field.”




Blog » Region IV Teacher of the Year: Elizabeth Luna

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