Region VI Principal of the Year: Jamie Cole


Hyde Leadership and International Studies Magnet Elementary
Wichita Public Schools

In the six years that Jamie Cole has been at Hyde, she has successfully transformed what was previously a magnet “in name only” into a robust program that exemplifies all facets of MSA’s five pillars.

After failing to secure an MSAP grant to help to reinvigorate the theme, Jamie was not deterred and immediately partnered with the Wichita Magnet Department to see the vision that was written into the grant come to fruition.

The biggest change Hyde underwent under Principal Cole’s direction was the introduction of the leadership theme, which utilizes the Leader In Me curriculum. Hyde remains a popular destination to showcase to visitors because the Seven Habits are clearly illustrated into every aspect of the school day.

Some magnet schools with more than theme can sometimes overfocus on one of them, leaving more to be desired of the other theme. However, Jamie not only continued to focus on Hyde’s international theme during the implementation of their leadership focus but was also able to reimagine and strengthen the existing structure to bring it from a concept that was occasionally celebrated with “food from around the world” parties to something that was truly integrated into all aspects of instruction.

Jesse Milne, Magnet Curriculum and Instruction, who nominated Cole, said she embodies the drive and dedication required of magnet principals to maintain building-wide fidelity to their themes and is a model for others to follow.



Blog » Region VI Principal of the Year: Jamie Cole

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