Region 4 Teacher of the Year: Emily Eberlin


Muller Road Middle School
Richland School District Two, Blythewood, South Carolina

In the words of Emily Eberlin, “I’ve come to realize the way I answer the question “What influenced you to become a teacher?” has changed. As a student, I had some exemplary teachers. Spending my entire career in the district in which I grew up, I had the great fortune to also work alongside some of those same teachers. Now that I am nearing two decades of my own career, I realize that, while my teachers played a huge part in my life, they have not been the final determining influence.

“I come from a family of educators. I always wanted to be a teacher, but when I graduated college, I initially took a different path. When my first job ended, I went to my father and told him that I wanted to be a teacher, but the financial aspect worried me. He told me, “Your rewards will not be financial,” and I knew exactly what he meant. My rewards would be far greater. My rewards are hand drawn thank you letters, former students who come by to tell new students what a treat they are in for, emails from parents, or social media posts from forgotten students who just wanted to thank me.

“My greatest sense of accomplishment has always been that wide-eyed expression a student gets when something clicks. As a magnet lead teacher, my feelings of accomplishment come from watching the magnet teachers who teach the core subjects each day. My rewards also come from watching those teachers win our school’s Teacher of the Year and even our district Teacher of the Year – twice. When I know the right people are working in our magnet program, I know our program will continue to thrive, and that brings me a huge sense of pride.”

Blog » Region 4 Teacher of the Year: Emily Eberlin

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