Region 3 Principal of the Year: Carrier Cormier


James B. Sanderlin K-8 IB World School
Pinellas County Schools, Florida

Carrie Cormier is committed, and dependable and she gives 110% to all assigned duties and responsibilities. In her role as Principal, she daily demonstrates a superior ability to create supportive environments to make learning exciting, to build positive relationships with others, and to contribute to the continuous improvement of student learning and school improvement.

Her knowledge of the critical components of her school s focus on International Baccalaureate both Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) is expectational. As a result of her leadership during the 2021-22 school year, her school was awarded the President s Magnet School of Merit Award of Excellence (one of the top five magnet schools in the nation). Mrs. Cormier’s leadership demonstrates her committed to teaching and learning with the brain and heart in mind. This is done by the infusing of the IB approach to learning to move students from learning content to understanding the process of creating new knowledge.

In addition, to fulfilling her role as Principal, Mrs. Cormier takes an active role in helping to develop rising leaders within our school district. She is currently mentoring two of newly appointed principals within our school district and she serves on serval advisory committees. Mrs. Cormier works to engage families in the learning process to enhance student achievement.

While coaching teacher instructional practices, she uses sound instructional techniques, which promote meaningful learning and academic success. She is eager to learn new techniques and to expose students and teachers to different educational experiences.

She is organized, efficient and is aware of the needs of teachers and students. Her ability to establish rapport with people of all ages makes her a valuable contribution to the education system. She invest in strategies and resources to ensure equal opportunities for all students and families. She hold high expectations for all and holds stakeholders accountable to ensure student success.






Blog » Region 3 Principal of the Year: Carrie Cormier

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