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Magnet Schools of America Commemorates the 70th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Landmark Supreme Court Decision Foundational to the Purpose and Intent of Magnet Schools Washington, D.C. (May 17, 2024) —Today marks the 70th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education, a decision that recognized the harms—to all students—of attending segregated schools and forced our nation to begin […]

MSA: Supreme Court Decision is Disappointing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Washington, DC – Today’s Supreme Court decision is disappointing and will have far-reaching implications, in education and beyond. By effectively preventing colleges and universities from considering race as a factor in admissions, the Supreme Court has all but ensured that America’s campuses will not look like the nation at large. Institutions of […]

Supporting and Celebrating Diversity

Supporting and Celebrating Diversity

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is the second largest school district in the nation. It boasts a diverse student population, a multitude of schools (approximately 900), and reaches beyond the city limits to serve students in 31 smaller, surrounding municipalities. What makes LAUSD even more unique is their focus on racial integration.

Learn how to become a Nationally Certified Magnet School

Raise the level of performance consistent throughout school districts nationwide and creates a platform from which all magnet schools can flourish. Magnet Schools of America’s national certification process is designed to recognize the hard work of the best magnet schools in the nation and to help them as they grow.

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