Region I Teacher of the Year: Lucien A. Bouffard


Biotechnology Research & Zoological Sciences HS
Bridgeport Public Schools

Lucien A. Bouffard is a teacher at the Biotechnology Research & Zoological Sciences High School in Bridgeport Public Schools.

Beswick Channer, the principal of Biotechnology & Zoological Sciences School, says that in his lessons, Bouffard acts as a facilitator of learning. His lessons, carefully crafted, encourage students to work collaboratively to navigate through meaningful and rigorous content masked in different mediums, engaging strategies and tailored scaffolding techniques that allow his students to come to their own understanding of content knowledge.

Bouffard’s lessons are relevant, theme-based, and personalized. His informal conversations with colleagues are often focused on bettering his teaching to improve student learning. This commitment to his students, his craft, and his content is evidence of his personal desire to consistently improve his teaching.

Bouffard is a reflective teacher who strives to improve for the betterment of his students. Failure, or even worse, mediocrity, is not an option for Lucien. He is a true teacher, a committed professional, and a master among lead teachers.

“Students come to me with all kinds of backgrounds, obstacles, gifts and talents; my job is to unlock their potential,” Bouffard noted in his application. “I forge a culture around science.”



Blog » Region I Teacher of the Year: Lucien A. Bouffard

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