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Scott Thomas

Director of Student Services | Northeast Metro Intermediate School District

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas serves as the director of student services for the Northeast Metro Intermediate School District and is the former principal of two nationally recognized magnet schools; Echo Park Elementary School of Leadership, Engineering and Technology, and Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts & Science in the Rosemount, Apple Valley Eagan School District 196. Scott Thomas is a former Executive Director for Magnet Schools of America. During his tenure, Mr. Thomas developed national standards for magnet schools that defined essential characteristics of magnet schools which included leveraging student diversity, equity, family and community engagement, academic excellence, and theme fidelity of magnet schools. His work also included consultation projects with districts including Louisville, KY, Baltimore County, MD, Houston ISD, and Boston Public Schools among others.

In addition to promoting national policies and programs related to public school choice and school diversity, Mr. Thomas served as the Educational Equity Coordinator for 7 years in District 196. During his time as Coordinator, he worked collaboratively with his colleagues to cultivate a climate and culture focused on systemic racial equity by addressing policies, procedures, programs, and professional development aimed at increasing access to opportunity for students and eliminating racial disparities in achievement.

Mr. Thomas has served on the boards of several non-profit organizations in the arts, university advisory boards and groups including the Advisory Board for Teaching Tolerance, a national publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center. He advises on school integration efforts around the country and is advising the development of regional magnet schools.

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