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Phale D. Hale

January 19, 1946 - July 5, 2009

Phale D. Hale

During his 40 years in public education, Mr. Phale Hale worked with urban, suburban, and rural school systems. He began his career as a teacher in 1969 helping adults prepare for the high school equivalency examination. In 1970 he joined the Rochester New York School District as the Director of Equal Education Opportunity. In that capacity, he assisted in the development and implementation of the district’s voluntary desegregation plan and with Title I parents and staff to improve educational programs for disadvantaged students. In 1987, Mr. Hale left Rochester schools to become a private consultant on magnet schools. He helped more than 60 school districts design, fund, and evaluate their magnet school programs. He assisted districts in obtaining more than $750 million in funds through the Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP). Mr. Hale presented during a number of workshops on grant writing and magnet schools. He also led workshops on qualifying for the Magnet Schools Assistance Program, developing MSAP applications, simulating the MSAP review process, starting magnet schools, and orienting new magnet school personnel.


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