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Region II Director

Kade Sochor

Coordinator IV, Magnet Schools Department

Kade Sochor

Kade Sochor is a leader in educational innovation with more than a decade of impactful work in magnet schools. As a District Administrator, she supports 44 magnet schools in the Clark County School District, bringing her expertise in public relations and a deep understanding of magnet programs together to foster innovation and collaboration. Katherine’s work advances innovative education in the district, preparing students for college, careers, the military, and beyond with programs that enrich learning and develop marketable 21st-century skills.

Starting as a high school counselor and Career and Technical Education teacher, she played a vital role in leading Southeast Career and Technical Academy to win the prestigious Dr. Ronald P. Simpson School of Excellence Award in 2022. Later, Katherine forged vital partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and professional sports teams as an administrator in the District’s Community Engagement Department, enhancing student achievement and connecting schools with essential resources.

Eager to dive in, she looks forward to serving and collaborating with members as the Region II Director.

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