PS 62- The Magnet School for Computer Science and Innovation
New York City Community School District 27 & 29
Queens, New York

Equity and diversity are two of Angela O’Dowd’s defining passions when it comes to education, and she enjoys seeing educators reach their maximum potential. She has inspired a strong culture of innovation where staff, students, families, and partners are focused on a shared vision and mission to provide equitable access to 21st Century skills.

Thirty years ago, Principal O’Dowd came to the United States through a diversity lottery. She worked hard to build a life for herself and her family, receiving a GED while raising two small children. She spent time working in both private and public schools and saw programs in private schools that were unavailable in public schools. She didn’t see any reason why some students should have access to technology, science, and the arts while others did not. This motivated her to create a program in a school that would expose students to skills like coding, robotics, and engineering.

Principal O’Dowd’s firsthand experience st riving for upward mobility and trying to build a life as a new immigrant to this country has given her special insight into the experiences of her students and their families and has made her a singularly impactful and empowering principal.

Principal O’Dowd has developed a comprehensive magnet program at PS-62 with a focus on computer science and innovation. Technology and innovation are infused into every aspect of the curriculum. In addition, she has spent more than 15 years developing a culture of creative problem solving at the school. She believes every single young person can succeed when given the tools to do so.

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