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Region III Director

Magda R. Pereira

Administrative Director in the Office of Innovation - School Choice and Parental Options

Magda R. Pereira

Mrs. Magda R. Pereira‘s educational background highlights her dedication to educational leadership and exceptional student education. Currently, she is an EdD candidate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Florida International University, where she is actively pursuing her doctoral degree since 2022. Mrs. Pereira is actively engaged in research and is currently working on her dissertation titled “Breaking Barriers into STEM Education for Students with Disabilities.” This research project demonstrates her commitment to promoting inclusivity and access to quality STEM magnet education for students with disabilities. In 2006, Mrs. Pereira obtained a Certification in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Miami, FL, further enhancing her expertise in educational administration. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Exceptional Student Education, which she earned from Nova Southeastern University in Miami, FL, in 1997, demonstrating her commitment to providing quality education to students with exceptional needs. Mrs. Pereira began her educational journey at Florida International University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Education in 1994, laying the foundation for her career in the field of education. These educational achievements have equipped Mrs. Magda R. Pereira with a comprehensive understanding of educational leadership and the ability to address the needs of exceptional students effectively.

Mrs. Magda R. Pereira is an experienced educational leader with 28 years of instructional leadership experience in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS). As the Administrative Director in the Office of Innovation – School Choice and Parental Options, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to her role. Mrs. Pereira has worked across K-12, allowing her to understand the needs of diverse student populations and remain dedicated to achieving equity in education, particularly for underrepresented students. In her current position, Mrs. Pereira leads a team responsible for overseeing 347 Magnet programs in 119 schools throughout the district. Her focus is on providing equity, access, and inclusivity through the implementation of Equity Improvement Cycles (EIC). This approach ensures that all students have equal opportunities to excel and succeed in their educational journey.
In addition to her administrative duties, Mrs. Pereira serves as the Project Director for two significant magnet initiatives: the STArts (Science, Technology, and Arts Exploration and Innovation) and STArts² Magnet Projects. These projects are supported by $15 million in each grant and aim to transform five K-8 schools into innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) exploratory learning environments. Through these programs, Mrs. Pereira fosters creativity, passion, and critical thinking skills by integrating the arts into STEM education. The ultimate goal is to bridge the educational equity gap and create seamless K-16 STEAM curricular pipelines that prepare M-DCPS students for successful college and career pathways.

Mrs. Pereira’s unwavering commitment to excellence is demonstrated through her efforts to create inclusive cultures where all students feel welcomed, empowered, and inspired to strive for academic excellence. By incorporating the Equity Improvement Cycle (EIC), she ensures that educational access and equity are at the forefront of her work. Mrs. Pereira understands the importance of nurturing students’ personal and educational interests, strengths, and skills as a means to foster academic excellence. Through her leadership and dedication, she is making a significant impact in advancing educational access, promoting equity, and providing transformative learning opportunities for all students in M-DCPS. Her tireless efforts contribute to creating an educational environment where every student can thrive and achieve their full potential.


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