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Since 2016, MSA has been looking far and wide for young companies that offer products or services that our members may not be aware of. In most cases, these companies are a few years out from start-up stages. In other instances, the companies have been in existence for longer, but have produced a new offering that we think is worthy of bringing to your attention. Each offering is first vetted by MSA members as to whether it is practical, effective, and economical for our schools.  And each product or service is offered to MSA members with a special benefit available only to members. Keep returning to this page. The number and types offerings will grow. They may not be for all schools in every instance, but MSA believes they are worth your strong consideration.


Legends of Learning creates standards-aligned digital games.

In our study with Vanderbilt University, students had higher levels of engagement, increased test scores, and faster comprehension of content. Use Legends of Learning to integrate an exciting game-based learning platform into your curriculum to give your students the superpower of knowledge!

Why do we ask teachers to use hands-on, interactive techniques in the classroom? Because they tap into the natural human instinct to learn through experience. Gaming is a powerful medium that creates excitement, generates engagement, and builds confidence.

Legends of Learning employs original research to drive student performance using curriculum-aligned video games. Our Netflix-style game-based learning platform delivers a wide range of lessons that drive content proficiency for stronger subject mastery and classroom engagement. In a study conducted by Vanderbilt University on the Legends platform, students had higher levels of engagement, increased test scores, and faster comprehension of content. Legends of Learning makes it easy to integrate engaging standards-aligned games into district curriculum. Use Legends of Learning to integrate an exciting game-based learning platform into your curriculum to give your students the superpower of knowledge! See a Snapshot of Legends of Learning.

Learn more about Legends of Learning.

Watch the Legends of Learning video.

Terrace Metrics is a comprehensive, empirically-based system that quickly and accurately assesses the behavioral health of all students from grades 3 through 12.

Developed by nationally known educators and mental health professionals, Terrace Metrics assesses the strongest predictors of interpersonal and intrapersonal functioning, which are vital to current and future academic success.

Terrace Metrics’ proprietary software immediately provides the results to select school personnel. These results are accompanied by parent and educator videos, curricula, and other resources. The information is easy to access and understand and has been highly utilized by schools and parents. The process is efficient (requiring little of school resources) and financially sensible for school districts. Most important, districts that use the Terrace Metrics system yield substantial improvements in behavioral functioning and academic outcomes.

Learn more about Terrace Metrics.

Toddle is a highly customizable end-to-end teaching & learning platform for progressive schools and districts.

With Toddle, schools can plan collaboratively, assess authentically, document learning journeys, and engage families and communities – all from one intuitive interface.

Launched in 2019, Toddle is currently used by more than 30,000 educators, 1000+ schools in 103 countries across the world.

With Toddle, Magnet schools can:

  • Establish a curriculum collective;
  • Build personalized student portfolios
  • Create customized assessments and progress reports
  • Enhance communication between schools, families and community
  • Align horizontally and vertically
  • Streamline assessments
  • Collect evidence for program evaluations
  • Progress Reports and Portfolios

– all from one intuitive interface.

Learn More About Toddle


CREATIVE LEARNING SYSTEMS provides schools with custom-built SmartLabs as an effective way to rapidly deploy school-wide STEM programming to prepare kids for the jobs of tomorrow.

Creative Learning Systems provides schools with custom-built SmartLabs as an effective way to rapidly deploy school-wide STEM programming to prepare kids for the jobs of tomorrow. Numerous magnet schools across the country are already implementing SmartLabs to differentiate their programs.

SmartLabs are turnkey and come with everything you and your students need, from environment all the way to proven curriculum, that will engage students for years to come. We put relevant technology in the hands of students of all ages and abilities, including ESL. Engage your students in personalized learning that will change the way they learn for the rest of their lives!

“Engage every learner, every day.” –

“As an incentive to MSA members purchasing the Creative Learning school package, Creative Learning will provide MSA members a large-screen presentation monitor at no cost.”

Message from the Fall Technical Assistance & Training Conference:

We would love to talk with you about your STEM education goals. We know that putting together a STEM program is challenging and it can take a lot of time. We’ve created a turnkey STEM learning environment, called a SmartLab, where everything from the furniture and technology to curriculum, assessment and professional development work together to support hands-on, minds-on learning for all students of all abilities and interests. We plan out every detail so you can focus on what you do best – educating students. Recently Magnet Schools of Aldine ISD in Houston, TX and PS 201Q – Discovery School for Inquiry and Research in Queens, NY have put in SmartLabs and the students and the teachers are loving what they see. Here’s a video of what learning looks like in a SmartLab. Visit to talk with a STEM consultant today.

IXL - Personalized Learning Platform

IXL is a personalized learning platform that is proven to improve learning outcomes for all students. IXL’s comprehensive K-12 curriculum, Continuous Diagnostic, personalized guidance, and actionable real-time Analytics work together seamlessly to give teachers everything they need to differentiate instruction and help students grow.

Designed to be open and flexible, IXL can be used in a variety of settings. Our mastery-based approach supports equity and empowers students to work independently, encouraging them to make smart decisions about their learning.

IXL is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and standards for all 50 U.S. states. Teachers can monitor their students’ state standards readiness throughout the year and ensure that their classes are on the right track. To learn more, visit IXL’s website.

More about IXL:

Merge VR - Augmented Reality Products

Founded in 2014, MERGE develops award-winning augmented reality and virtual reality products for experiential learning and content creation. The company’s product ecosystem consists of MERGE Cube, MERGE Headset, MERGE Miniverse content portal and MERGE EDU platform for active learning. Together, these products enable kids to interact with AR/VR content and experience the world around them in entirely new ways while giving teachers new tools to increase student engagement, intellectual curiosity, and classroom achievement. The company’s AR/VR technology is being used in libraries, museums, universities, healthcare, environmental science, and other industries to enhance learning. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, USA, the company’s products are sold globally. To learn more, visit the company’s website.

More about MERGE VR:

MIB360 - Virtual Tours

MSA wants to give our members an opportunity to provide virtual marketing of your schools. MIB360 does just that.

Imagine a Google Earth tour of what you would like to show of the inside of your school. This Google Earth agency has photographers in every town to photograph what you would like for a video. And, MSA has negotiated a member price. Learn more about MIB360.

PROGATE is an online programming education platform with 500,000 users worldwide.

Progate is an online programming education platform with 500,000 users worldwide. They offer a fully equipped coding environment for beginners, along with a team dashboard for teachers to manage students. Progate offers coding lessons in multiple programming languages.

As a special offer, MSA members can receive their first-year of service for free.

TestRocker - Online Test Prep

TestRocker offers online test prep programs for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT exams. Our award-winning approach combines technology, high-quality video content, and top instructors to ensure success for all students. All materials and classes administered online so students can safely learn anytime, anywhere. Learn more about TestRocker.

THE RENZULLI LEARNING SYSTEM is an interactive online teaching tool that provides an individual profile for each student’s academic strengths, interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression.

The Renzulli Learning System is an interactive online teaching tool that provides an individual profile for each student’s academic strengths, interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression. A one-of- a-kind search engine then matches personalized and differentiated resources to each student’s profile. The program enables teachers to quickly and easily select and infuse high engagement resources into any and all standard curricular activities and enables educators to differentiate instruction and enhanced academic performance.

Renzulli Learning has been used by millions of students and more than 100,000 teachers in schools across the globe.

Message from the Fall Technical Assistance & Training Conference:

Renzulli Learning is a research-based program that promotes enjoyable, interactive online personalized learning that engages all students, saves teachers time, and enhances and improves academic performance.

We are pleased to offer a Free Trial & 50% Discount for Renzulli Learning through December 31, 2017. Enjoy the benefits of Renzulli Learning in your program, school or district for theremainder of this academic year.

To Start your Free Trial Visit:

We will send you your log-in credentials and a quote which will reflect a 50% Subscription Discount for the remainder of the 2017-18 academic year.

Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies empowers school districts with solutions for K-12 management. Our student transportation suite — including Traversa management software, the Tyler Drive on-board tablet, and more — can improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of our clients’ operations. With new apps and features for contact tracing, bus attendance, and more, we look forward to helping schools meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Learn more about Tyler Technologies.

Learn how to become a Nationally Certified Magnet School

Raise the level of performance consistent throughout school districts nationwide and creates a platform from which all magnet schools can flourish. Magnet Schools of America’s national certification process is designed to recognize the hard work of the best magnet schools in the nation and to help them as they grow.

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