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Prentiss Whitley, Jr.

Magnet Coordinator

Prentiss Whitley, Jr.

Prentiss Whitley, Jr., with nearly a decade of experience, is a Magnet Coordinator with Houston ISD Meyerland Performing and Visual Arts Middle School. He oversees and coordinates 11 separate Performing and Visual Arts Magnet areas comprised of over 900 students.

Prentiss understands the potential impact of school choice. As a child in New Orleans, he attended a vanguard middle/high school. The lessons and cultures he was exposed to continue to resonate throughout his adult life, all while continuing to use many of those same skills nearly every day.

Currently, Prentiss is responsible for on-site recruiting as well as coordinating enrichment activities including field trips, guest speakers/ instructors, and educational presentations. In addition, he assists the principal in coordinating the Magnet program with that of the regular school’s instructional program, liaises with the Transportation Department in matters related to magnet students, and sources funding opportunities within the community and with local businesses.

Prentiss earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Oklahoma. He acquired his Masters degree in Human Relations: Multiculturalism and Communication Development in 2006. He is passionate about advocating for equitable education for all students.

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