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Region VI Director

Phyllis Cottner

Magnet Curriculum & Instruction Lead and Acting Director for Equity, Diversity and Magnet Programs

Phyllis Cottner

Phyllis Cottner is an educator currently employed in the Wichita, KS Public School System.  She has worked in the field of education for over 21 years beginning her experience as a Special Education Teacher.  Currently, she serves as a Curriculum and Instruction LEAD for Equity, Diversity and Magnet Programming.  She has long held a passion for developing and implementing staff development that causes educators to think and wrestle with the inequities that are often present in the educational systems in which we live.  She recognizes the importance of presenting research-based, practical strategies that will support teachers in transforming classrooms to true learning communities for ALL students.

Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Hendrix College in Arkansas, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts Degree in Special Education from Wichita State University (WSU) as well as District Licensure from WSU.  She currently supports programming in 25 magnet schools serving students from Kindergarten through High School.  In addition to her work in education, she is immensely proud to be the mother of an incredible son, Thomas Cottner.

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