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Doreen Marvin

Educational Consultant

Doreen Marvin

Trained in strategic planning, creative planning, service delivery design and systems approaches to organizational development, Doreen Marvin has extensive experience working with education and communities locally, statewide, and nationally. Her accomplishments include working with school districts to develop and test their teacher and administrator evaluation, facilitating and assisting many community-based, private and public groups in design, long-range planning, goal setting, establishing communication systems, determining legislative agendas, program design, and developing standards of operations.

She has served as an executive coach for education and community organization leaders and is trained in principled negotiation and conflict management strategies where she has successfully facilitated difficult conversations and assisted groups toward agreements.  Ms. Marvin has coordinated the development and start-up of seven magnet schools and served as the educational consultant through the design and construction phases.

Ms. Marvin, has trained community programs and pre-k to 12 educators with content related to cultural competence, classroom management, leveraging leadership skills for improving student outcomes, building organizational culture, social curriculum, child growth and development, sexual harassment, and supervision and evaluation.  She served as the Title IX and grievance investigator for more than 20 years during her tenure at LEARN, a regional education service center in CT.  During her tenure at LEARN Ms. Marvin served as the Director of Early Childhood and Director of Development.

She has worked with under performing schools to bring about systemic improvements, serves and has served as project director for federally funded grant programs and initiated distant education initiatives including blended learning and online learning opportunities for students and educators.  Ms. Marvin collaborated with community partners to implement Virtual Learning opportunities for students and school districts in southeastern CT and is overseeing the creation of Adaptive Online Professional Learning for STEM teachers. She authored and co-authored successful grant requests, and facilitated and co-facilitated a systems design process for community-based agencies, school districts, and educational service agencies. She is a seasoned workshop presenter at conferences for Association of Education Service Agency and serves as Immediate Past President of Magnet Schools of America.

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