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Julie Goldstein


Julie Goldstein

As Principal of Breakthrough Magnet School South in Hartford, Connecticut, whose theme is character development, Julie Goldstein’s mission is to ensure that all children receive an excellent education that prepares them both academically and socially for a high performing life in our global economy.

Through the ongoing development and delivery of a curriculum that places equally strong emphasis on academic growth and self actualization, Julie seeks to assist educators and administrators in the implementation of transformative education and speak with media, policy makers and legislators on the value of effective character education, restorative approaches and practices, and mindfulness as an effective preventative measure against aggression and mental health issues and a tool that promotes a solution-focused, empathic mindset.

Julie served as a magnet school administrator for eight years, each of which included recognition as a school of merit or distinction including the Dr. Ronald P. Simpson School of Excellence Award in 2015. She has presenting at MSA’s Technical Conference as well as at several National Conferences and currently serves on the Member Value Working Committee.

Ms. Goldstein holds a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts from Bates College.

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