2022 Election Candidates

This year members of Magnet Schools of America (MSA) will elect a President-Elect and three Specialized Directors to serve on the board.

In an effort to help you make an informed decision, please familiarize yourself with the candidates below.

Election will open Monday, January 17 thru Friday, January 28, 2022 at 5 PM ET.


Evonne Alvarez
Redesign and Innovation Officer, Providence Public School District RIDE,
Providence, RI

50-word statement
I seek your endorsement for the position of President-Elect beginning in 2022. My commitment to MSA has been unwavering for the past six years. If elected, I will serve with charisma, a strong work ethic, and a vow to develop professional relationships to support the strategic plan and garner financial support from public funding sources and private partnerships.

Kimberly R. Lane
Senior Director, Magnet and Curriculum Enhancement Programs, Wake County Public School System, Cary, NC

50-word statement
America’s students are more demographically diverse than ever before. I resolutely believe magnet programs grounded in inclusivity, innovation, cultural leadership, and community engagement provide students both high-quality academic and non-academic outcomes. As MSA President, I will work alongside colleagues, engaging stakeholders in honoring the mission and vision of MSA.


Beth Cochran
NIMSL Consultant,
North Carolina

50-word statement
I bring over 20 years of magnet school experience in Wake County, NC and 7 years as a NIMSL consultant working with magnet schools across the country. I served on the MSA Board for the past 4 years as a member of the Conference, Awards and New Opportunities Committees.

LaRhonda Donaldson
District Director for Curriculum of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami, FL

50-word statement
I am LaRhonda Donaldson, and I should be elected to the Specialized Director position to provide input from the perspective of an experienced leader with a proven record in the areas of diversity, innovative curriculum, academic excellence, leadership and engaging family and community partnerships related to education.

Magda Pereira
Administrative Director, School Choice and Parental Options, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami, FL

50-word statement
My 25-year journey as teacher and leader in M-DCPS has afforded me a unique perspective of working with diverse populations and a deep understanding for the power of magnet schools to foster equity in education. My skills and experiences would serve to enrich MSA goals and initiatives.

Shana Rafalski
Executive Director, Educational Choices and Innovation, School District of Osceola County, Kissimmee, FL

50-word statement
Each varied role and experience throughout my educational journey have developed me into a well-rounded, visionary and action-oriented leader, all vital to the success in any leadership position. I look forward to serving and hope to bring my ability to work collaboratively toward goals to the board member role.

Barbara Turner
Director of Magnet Programs, Richland School District Two, Columbia, SC

50-word statement
More than 20 years as a Director of Magnet Programs in Richland School District Two, MSAP Grant Coordinator, school counselor, classroom teacher, and an Education Associate for Magnet Programs at the South Carolina Department of Education make me a viable candidate for a member of the MSA Board of Directors.

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