Dear Region II Members,

As you know, our plan was to hold elections for Regional Director to MSA’s Board during the annual conference. Even though the conference is postponed, we must still elect the Regional Directors, because the new governance year starts on May 1st.

Therefore, we are going to hold elections electronically. Because those in attendance at the annual conference would be the ones to vote on the Director for their region, we are going to preserve that process. Balloting for each region will go out to only those who registered for the conference from that region.

To help your decision-making, we are going to hold a Town Hall for you to meet the candidates, and to learn how they intend to represent your region. Please plan on joining your candidates on Thursday, March 26th, at 4:40 PM Eastern.  You may register for the Town Hall webinar here.

In an effort to help you make an informed decision, please familiarize yourself with the candidates below.

Todd Mann
Executive Director

Missed the Town Hall Meeting? Don’t worry, we’ve go you covered. Click here to view the recording.


Shannon Mumolo

Shannon Mumolo
Signature Programs
Pasadena Unified School District, CA

50-word statement

I am Shannon Mumolo, Coordinator of Signature Programs in Pasadena, CA. I believe in the power of a quality, integrated educational experience for all students and will support my peers through quality communication and program expertise, having served as a two-time Magnet Schools Project Director and Adjunct Professor of Education.

Jayme Rawson

Jayme Rawson
Achievement Coach
East Career and Technical Academy
Clark County School District, NV

50-word statement

My name is Jayme Rawson, and I am running for reelection to continue to serve as Regional Director for Region II, because I have a passion to serve my region and help continue to foster a spirit of connection, collaboration and political advocacy within the entire breadth of Region II.

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