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FIFA 09 is the king of soccer games and the top of the Renaissance series. This means that there is a great hope for FIFA 10, the latest version of the EA is not far from its predecessors, the FIFA 10 PC demo will show some “under the hood” changes that really improve the game. The biggest is the introduction of 360 degree control. Your player no longer moves in just eight directions, but whatever you want. This makes control more fluid, and gives flexibility to your ability to be greatand most creative (function {} {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The FIFA 10 animated player has changed completely: now they move with real character and the dribbles are great. Your colleagues have also increased intelligence, making it more natural and, therefore, less likely to do what you want, also improved management of 10, perhaps in response to a richer experience in the Konfederasi Konfederasi Konami. FIFA 10 already come With ‘ambition’, it affects your decisions – if yoursThe team is full of defenders, it can be difficult to persuade others to join, because it has not played much that the players want to be cleaner and smoother than previous FIFA 10 improves considerably, and one more step for realistic soccer experience.

FIFA 14 introduced a new item to improve the game and add realism to the best soccer simulator for EA PC. It featured several features designed to boost game realism in a level never before seen in soccer matches.The UAE has worked hard on the player’s animation. The New Precision Movement function means acceleration, sprint, deceleration, rotation and change in the direction of more liquid and realistic. Improved realism means increasing the ball, now you can use the body as a shield to protect your position and property. This is useful for defeating and determining the speed of action. Also new in this version is the approach to the shot and the physics of the ball. With the functionPure Shot, depending on the context of the action, the player can determine the best location and how much to shoot at the finish line. The shots can be calibrated to millimeters and with a new ball physics, you can see the effects of a different and realistic trajectory. Another important thing is the intelligence of the team. EA once again created this aspect. Players can now play situations in games like real football players. Players can now actively examine their careers, activate the defendersand run along the line of defense. They are all useful visual signs, carefully saying what options are available. This not only approaches the real game, with the many that happen in the field, hoping that it also provides a more intuitive way of delivering information to players, mainly unknown to the series. Aspects defense game and an element where EA worked hard, with the introduction of dynamic pressure now to make a decision based on a series of game frames,producing a more reliable, less impulsive, does not end here: as in a real game, the team that is ahead trying to control possession time is not balanced in half by passing a safe and low risk. This new version It allows legal players to guess this strategy and increase pressure on their average rivals, as in real games. This realism produces great gameplay! In addition to improving the game, EA has added new features that can enhance the experience.In Career mode, for example, you can send your style observers to a world of new talent search. You can specify, in detail, the profile of the player that is looking for and interacting with talent buyers through the Race mode menu. In the multiplayer online game, EA has introduced the Online Stations mode. The highly anticipated performances you can play in pairs with other friends of 2 online players in the ranking, starting with the tenth part and trying to get the first place to win the game.FIFA 14 title featuring a fun new skill game (seen for the first time in FIFA 13) designed to prepare and improve your technical skills. And speaking of technology, the game now includes useful sections that explain in detail how to do movements, regattas, advanced movements and player games. Finally, FIFA 14 has a modified game interface that is most useful and has a new and exciting design. Instead, the training menus, tactics and team managementThey are not included in the redesign. Controls with realistic shades After lowering the field, FIFA 14 shows its best part. Control is the same as in the previous version, but the feeling of driving the players is much better. There is greater response to orders, greater game flexibility and faster and faster speeds that promote teamwork. The improvements in individual games and reactions of the players, both defenses and on the move, are clear. Characteristics of thePrecision movement and precision, combined with soccer physics and improved games, allows you to perform complex movements and a great volleyball easier than ever.

Similar graphics engine, but realism Unlike the versions for PS4 and the next X4 console, FIFA 14 for PC includes the new Ignite graphics engine. The versions of PC machines, however, have been updated from FIFA 13. The graphical performance is slightly different from the previous versions, but its improvementsAAnimation and physics greatly contribute to the realization of realism. Conclusion It’s not easy, but Electronic Arts can improve the game again. The new features of the game are clearly more targeted at players harder than ordinary players, and EA brought the realism of the game to an unprecedented level. Despite the steps made by the new PES, FIFA 14 strengthened and confirmed its leadership as the best football game in the market.

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