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DS3 Tool

With the DS3 Tool, the PlayStation Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controller can be connected to your Windows machine. It supports USB and Bluetooth connections and connects four gamepads.

Easy settings (feature {} ({review-application-page-desktop}}}}; setting up your controller is easy. Your DS3 tool needs to turn on your PC to boot (ie, control is the easiest way to make a Bluetooth connection ), click Activate activibatzeko.toegiaztatu There is an active connection with the vibration buttondo this, you need to see a quick click on the mat vibration – confirm everything at work. After configuration, you can use any controller as an official Microsoft administrator.

Chaotic Design Unfortunately, the DS3 Utility Interface is not structured and detonated. While nothing stops, it makes sense that developers have thought of something they want to add something about usability in seconds. This is the lack of unity in the interface, because users tend todo not use less technology because it makes it difficult to navigate. I am not really complaining, the free DS3 device application fills a big gap in the market.

The Functional Software Interface Controller and banner ads can be annoying, but the DS3 tool works smoothly and uses the PlayStation 3 administrator to make it easier.

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