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Region VI Director

Jeff Peterson


Jeff Peterson

Jeff Peterson is currently the Principal at Summit View INC, magnet school of Integrated Arts, Design and Creativity in the School District of Waukesha, WI. Mr. Peterson is certified as a School Superintendent and initiated the idea of transforming the district’s largest elementary school into the magnet school it is today. He oversees the district summer enrichment program, provides supervision to students earning their principal licenses and enjoys building relationships with his school community and providing an engaging experience for students.

Summit View has partnerships with the Innovative Schools Network, First Stage Children’s Theater, and works with the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. In his previous positions, Mr. Peterson had an integral role in developing and implementing a K-12 Chinese language program. In addition to his school being awarded the MSA School of Distinction and Excellence he was personally awarded a proclamation by the Mayor for his school leadership and contributions to the community.

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