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Age of Empires IV

The Age of Empires IV is another part of the legendary series of real-time strategies.
Step into history and command powerful empires in the fight against their enemies. Build your cities and keep your country strong enough to resist any intruder. You have what you needto build an empire that goes into history? The story, as you have never seen, Avergine or Empires IV does everything that was done by previous episodes of series series favorites, while adding that Franchising has added more time. This is a game that runs through different historical periods, every timeyou adapt to the technological level of each era. Cities and war have evolved significantly throughout history, and an experienced player will have to take full advantage of the latest developments in the field of armaments and diplomatic art that took place at any age. You are going toadapt to the changes that occur during the story, does your empire remain a forgotten remnant in sands of time? Play Age of Empires IV and you will soon learn! () {) ‘(‘ Check the program page on the desktop ‘);}); Another classic Age of Empires The Century Empire series followed loyaltythe fan after they debuted in 1997, and the spin-off age of Mythology only increased the appeal. Now, with the age of empires 4, franchising will definitely attract more fans. If you have not already done so, Age of Empires4 is a great opportunity!

Age of Empires III is the third part of the popular seriesmodels that ask players to create their own empire. This version comes with very detailed graphics and storylines and includes a focus on your empire. Step by step, players can choose between three different civilizations, Aztec or Iroquois. Each of these ethnicThe tribes have their own unique culture and aspects with differentHome and Skills that gamers can use. Players also receive special bonuses and tasks that help make the game more diverse and addictive. There is also a large storyline that includes playersin the story and inspires them to complete each of the different phases. In any case, it takes time and patience to really control the Age of Empires III, and for those who never had the first two ihorSeriya havein played this seems rather slow (function () {( ‘Annex-Review desktop pages’);});Are you ready to take the distance? As in many games of this kind, players need time to experience the nuances of Age of Empires III and leave their mark. This version of the game is quite addictive and addictive to attract players and speed up the hours.


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