2019 Regional Director (I, III, V) Candidates

This year, members of Magnet Schools of America (MSA) will elect a Regional Director for Regions I, III and V to serve on the board for the next two years.
In an effort to help you make an informed decision, please familiarize yourself with the candidates below.


Victor R. Black, Ed.D.

50-word statement

I am committed to the MSA philosophy and believer in the foundational pillars of MSA. Magnet schools blur geographical lines and offer all children the opportunity to become fundamental members of a diverse learning community geared to sustain a global economy. It’s an honor to assist MSA in growing this vision.

Julie Goldstein

50-word statement

For each of my six years as Principal of Breakthrough Magnet School South we were recognized as a School of Merit including the Dr. Ronald P. Simpson School of Excellence Award in 2015.  I have Presented at Technical and National Conferences and serve on the Member Value Working Committee.


Evonne S. Alvarez

50-word statement

My commitment to MSA is unwavering, and if elected as the Region III Director, I will continue to serve with charisma, a strong work ethic, and pledge to continue to develop stakeholder relationships for an additional two years as Region III Director.

Michael H. Robinson, Ed.D.

50-word statement

I, Michael H Robinson, should be elected serve as the Regional Director for Region III because of my success experience with severing in this role for the Georgia Association of Secondary Principals. Additionally, my leadership acumen and availability aligns well with the requirements for this position.


Theresa M. Porter

50-word statement

As the Director of Magnet Programs and the Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) Project Director for the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, I have district level experience with implementing, promoting and sustaining award-winning magnet programs.  In addition, I am the president of Magnet Schools of the Mid-South, a regional organization which promotes the Five Pillars of Magnet Schools of America (MSA).

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Raise the level of performance consistent throughout school districts nationwide and creates a platform from which all magnet schools can flourish. Magnet Schools of America’s national certification process is designed to recognize the hard work of the best magnet schools in the nation and to help them as they grow.

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